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Removing the Siebel Server Configuration

The Siebel Server Configuration Wizard removes Siebel Server configuration data from the Siebel Gateway Name Server and removes the Siebel Server service from the local server computer.

NOTE:  When removing Siebel Server configuration data using this wizard task, observe all of the documented requirements. Perform this task only if you have uninstalled, or removed all of the applicable configuration data for, all of the installed instances of SWSE that depend on this Siebel Server. Before you uninstall a previously configured instance of Siebel Server, you must perform this task. This task can also be useful in cases that do not involve uninstallation. When you perform this task, the Siebel Gateway Name Server must be running and the Siebel Server service must be stopped.

If this Siebel Server was not configured, then this task is not necessary before uninstallation.

This task is a step in Process of Removing Configuration Data.

To remove the Siebel Server configuration

  1. Make sure that the Siebel Gateway Name Server is running.
  2. Make sure that the Siebel Server service is not running. Stop the service if necessary.
  3. Start the Siebel Server Configuration Wizard.
  4. Choose Remove Existing Configuration.
  5. Follow the wizard prompts.
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