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Removing the SWSE Logical Profile

The Siebel Enterprise Configuration Wizard removes an SWSE logical profile that you previously created.

Removing an SWSE logical profile deletes all of the files in the directory that was created with the logical profile, including the files that are used in creating the Siebel application virtual directories on any SWSE instance to which you apply the logical profile.

The task to remove an SWSE logical profile directory can be useful to perform in certain situations (which might or might not involve uninstallation), for housekeeping purposes.

Configuration data saved in an SWSE logical profile is used only when the profile is applied to an installed SWSE instance.

NOTE:  It is strongly recommended that you retain any SWSE logical profile that you have created and applied. Back up the files in this directory before you remove it, in case you might need any of the files later.

This task is a step in Process of Removing Configuration Data.

To remove the SWSE logical profile

  1. Start the Siebel Enterprise Configuration Wizard.
  2. Choose Remove Existing Configuration, then Remove a Siebel Web Server Extension Profile Directory.
  3. Follow the wizard prompts.
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