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About the Siebel Environment

The Siebel Business Applications environment consists of the following entities, listed in Table 5.

Table 5. Siebel Application Entities

Siebel clients

Client types include Siebel Web Client, Siebel Mobile Web Client, Siebel Developer Web Client, Siebel Mobile applications, Siebel Wireless Client, and Siebel Handheld client. The Siebel Tools client is a special-purpose client for developers. For descriptions of most of these Siebel client types, see Configuring the Browser for Siebel Web Clients.

Siebel Enterprise Server

The logical grouping of Siebel Servers for a multiple server deployment. (For a single Siebel Server and single Web server deployment, the Siebel Enterprise Server contains a single Siebel Server.) The Siebel Enterprise Server, collectively with the Siebel Gateway Name Server, provides both batch mode and interactive services to and on behalf of Siebel clients.

Siebel Gateway Name Server

The name server for a single server deployment.

Siebel database

The Siebel tables, indexes, and seed data installed on the RDBMS. Database client software is also required.

Siebel File System

One or more directories that store physical files used by Siebel clients and Siebel Enterprise Server.

Siebel Management Framework

An optional addition to the Siebel environment. Deploy this entity if you intend to use Siebel Management Pack, which you deploy as part of Oracle Enterprise Manager.

The Siebel Management Pack provides the underlying infrastructure components that are required to support the deployment features offered by the Oracle Enterprise Manager.

For more information, see Oracle Enterprise Manager Getting Started with Application Management Pack for Siebel 10g Release 5 ( This document provides a brief introduction to the Siebel Management Pack and describes the features that this pack offers.

The Siebel Enterprise Server environment represents the middle tier within the three-tiered Siebel Business Applications environment, between the Siebel client and the Siebel database. For more information, see Siebel Deployment Planning Guide.

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