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Running Communications Outbound Manager

When the Communications Management component group is enabled, the Communications Outbound Manager component is started automatically. For any computer on which you do not want to run Communications Outbound Manager, configure the Siebel Server to not start it.

Communications Outbound Manager is a batch-mode server component. It relies on the services of the Server Request Broker and Server Request Processor server components. These components must be running on the Siebel Server for communication requests to dispatch successfully.

NOTE:  If a messaging system server, such as an email server, is restarted, then the Communications Outbound Manager server component that connects to it must also be restarted.

As a batch-mode component, Communications Outbound Manager is subject to requirements. For more information, see Synchronizing Batch-Mode Server Components. For more information about configuring, starting, and stopping Siebel Server components, see Siebel System Administration Guide.

If Communications Outbound Manager is not synchronized, as appropriate, then users who submit outbound communication requests might receive the following error message:

Unable to find definition for component CommOutboundMgr

For more information about monitoring communication requests and server requests, see Monitoring Outbound Communication Requests and Monitoring Outbound Communication Requests as Server Requests.

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