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About Setting Up Siebel Communications Server for Nonreal-Time Email Processing

When you use nonreal-time email processing, Communications Inbound Receiver monitors email accounts (email addresses) by using communications driver profiles to check for inbound messages. For information about enabling nonreal-time processing, see Enabling Nonreal-Time Email Processing.

When Communications Inbound Receiver detects an inbound email, it gets the email from the email server, converts the email into event data, and creates a server request for the Server Request Broker component to inform Communications Inbound Processor of the new event. Communications Inbound Processor uses workflows to process and route the event. Communications Outbound Manager uses communications driver profiles to handle outbound communications to customers.

You set up communications drivers and profiles to connect the Siebel Server to your email server.

Communications drivers. Drivers specify the protocol to use to access the email server, and driver parameters control the behavior of each driver. For example, the Internet SMTP/POP3 Server driver logs in to the POP3 server and checks for new email at an interval that you set in the PollingInterval driver parameter.

You can use the same communications driver for different purposes. For example, you can use the same communications driver to perform the following tasks:

  • Monitor multiple email accounts (addresses).
  • Monitor email addresses for other departments in your organization, such as an eMarketing outbound campaign.

Although you can use the same communications driver for multiple purposes, make sure that you set up a unique email address and response group for each group and purpose.

NOTE:  Changes that you make to a communications driver's parameters affect everyone who uses that driver. Therefore, it is recommended that the person in your organization who maintains communications drivers makes or approves all changes.

Communications driver profile. A driver profile specifies a specific mailbox for monitoring and rules (profile parameter overrides) for the way the driver behaves while monitoring that mailbox.

Communications drivers and profiles for Siebel Email Response enable Communications Inbound Receiver to monitor mailboxes for inbound messages. Other communications channels, such as voice, use different communications drivers and profile types.

Each communications driver profile for Siebel Email Response processes both incoming and outgoing email. Therefore, you must configure each driver profile for both.

To set up Siebel Communications Server for Siebel Email Response:

  • Set up your communications driver parameters to establish defaults for all profiles that use the driver.
  • Create a communications driver profile for each email account that Siebel Email Response monitors. This process includes creating profile parameter overrides. For more information, see Process of Setting Up Communications Driver Profiles.
  • Create at least one response group. This process includes creating input arguments and associating a profile with the response group. For more information, see Process of Setting Up Response Groups.
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