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About Process Properties for Siebel Email Response

A process property is a place to store values that the workflow process retrieves from your Siebel database or obtains during or after a processing step. You can add process properties (as input arguments) to a business service step in a workflow. When a business service process ends, the final value of a process property is available as an output argument. Process properties can be either of the following types:

  • Configurable. These process properties enable the administrator to control the behavior of email message processing. You change them frequently during setup.

    Enable Test Mode? is an example of a configurable process property. The default value is False. If you set this process property to True, then the eMail Response - Process Message workflow loads a sample email message from a file, rather than a live email server, enabling the administrator to test the workflow using the Process Simulator. For more information about running the eMail Response - Process Message workflow in the Process Simulator, see Siebel Business Process Framework: Workflow Guide.

    NOTE:  Do not use test mode when you run the workflow process during normal operations. Use test mode only when you run the workflow process in Process Simulator mode.

  • Nonconfigurable. These process properties primarily store variables. Application administrators rarely modify them.

    MsgBody is an example of a nonconfigurable process property. The body of the inbound email message is stored in this variable. No default value is available.

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