System Administrator’s Guide

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This guide describes Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper from operational, management and provisioning perspectives.

For Container Services

For Communication Services


Overall Configuration Workflow

This section describes an overall workflow for configuring Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper.

  1. To setup administrative users: Managing Management Users and Management User Groups.
  2. To configure Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper container services:
  3. To configure Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper communication services. Note: you only need to configure the ones that are used in your deployment.
  4. To configure Security for Web Services and OAM MBeans:
  5. To set up geographically redundant site pairs (as necessary):
  6. To configure SOA Facades (as necessary):

Once the system is configured, move on to the provisioning of service providers and applications, as described in Creating and maintaining service provider and application accounts in Managing Accounts and SLAs.

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