Platform Development Studio - Developer’s Guide

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Document Roadmap

The following sections describe the audience for, and organization of, this document:


Document Scope and Audience

This document describes the Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper Platform Development Studio, a framework for creating and testing new extension Communication Services. The intended audience of this document consists of system integrators and field engineers who need to extend the out-of-the-box functionality of Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper.


Guide to This Document

The document contains the following chapters:

Document Roadmap: This chapter

Overview of the Platform Development Studio: A high level description of the capabilities of the PDS

Using the Eclipse Wizard: Setting up the Eclipse Wizard to generate extension projects

Description of a Generated Project: The elements of a generated Communication Service project.

Communication Service Example: A description of the example Communication Service provided with the Platform Development Studio.

Service Enabler Example with SIP plug-in: A description of a Service Facade that uses the SIP Servlet Container.

Container Services: Accessing Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper’s Core functionality

Communication Service Description: A component by component description of a Communication Service

Annotations, EDRs, Alarms, and CDRs: Creating EDRs, CDRs, and Alarms

Making Communication Services Manageable: Rendering extension Communication Services manageable by the Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper Administration Console or other management tools

Service Interceptors: An overview of service interceptors, a description of the standard out of the box ones, and of developing custom versions

Custom Service Level Agreements: An overview of custom SLAs and a description of developing custom SLA enforcement logic

Subscriber-centric Policy: Creating a policy mechanism based on individual subscriber preferences and permissions

Creating an EDR Listener and Generating SNMP MIBs: Using and integrating external EDR listeners and generating SNMP MIBs

Converting Traffic Paths and Plug-ins to Communication Services: Converting extensions built on previous versions of Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper

Policy: Using and extending Policy mechanisms in Communication Services

Callable Policy Web Service: Integrating using the Callable Policy Web Service

Checklist: A checklist for creating extensions.



The following terms and acronyms are used in this document:


Related Documentation

This developer’s guide is part of a set of documentation for Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper itself. These documents include:

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