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Uses of Interface

Packages that use IRepositoryEntity This package (and its sub packages) implements the security layer for ODI SDK including login authentication, password management and privileges check. 
oracle.odi.domain Root package of Oracle Data Integrator domain concerns, providing commons classes required by sub-packages. 
oracle.odi.domain.flexfields Provides class related to FlexFields override concerns. 
oracle.odi.domain.model This package contains the Oracle Data Integrator Data Model domain implementation. 
oracle.odi.domain.project This package contains the Oracle Data Integrator Project implementation. 
oracle.odi.domain.project.interfaces This package contains Oracle Data Integrator Interface implementation. 
oracle.odi.domain.runtime.scenario This package contains classes for managing Oracle Data Integrator Scenarios and related objects. 
oracle.odi.domain.runtime.sequence This package contains classes for managing Oracle Data Integrator Sequences and their values. 
oracle.odi.domain.runtime.session This package contains classes for managing Oracle Data Integrator Sessions and related objects. 
oracle.odi.domain.runtime.variable This package contains classes for needed to create and work with Oracle Data Integrator variables and their values. This package contains user implementation.   
oracle.odi.domain.topology This package contains the Oracle Data Integrator Topology domain model implementation. 
oracle.odi.missingref Provides classes to manage missing references which may occur when doing versioning or import/export operations. Provides classes to support the management of missing references which may occur when doing versioning or import/export operations. 

Uses of IRepositoryEntity in

Methods in with parameters of type IRepositoryEntity
 void Authentication.checkPermission(IRepositoryEntity entity, PermissionType pPermissionType)
          Deprecated. replaced by SecurityManager.checkPermission(IRepositoryEntity, PermissionType)
 void SecurityManager.checkPermission(IRepositoryEntity entity, PermissionType pPermissionType)
          This is a helper method to check the Permission on the current authentication.
static Permission Permission.getInstancePermission(PermissionType pType, IRepositoryEntity pEntity)
          Return Permission object for certain entity and priviledge.
static Permission Permission.getInstancePermission(PermissionType pType, IRepositoryEntity pParentEntity, java.lang.Class pChildEntityClass)
          Return Permission object for certain child type under certain parent entity and priviledge.
 boolean Authentication.isAuthorized(IRepositoryEntity pEntity, PermissionType pPermissionType)
          Deprecated. replaced by SecurityManager.isAuthorized(IRepositoryEntity, PermissionType)
 boolean SecurityManager.isAuthorized(IRepositoryEntity pEntity, PermissionType pPermissionType)
          Almost same as above method, but take in entity and permission type directly.

Uses of IRepositoryEntity in oracle.odi.domain

Subinterfaces of IRepositoryEntity in oracle.odi.domain
 interface IMasterOdiEntity
          Marker interface for entities that resides in the ODI Master Repository.
 interface IOdiEntity
          An interface that indicates an object is an ODI entity.
 interface IWorkDevelopmentOdiEntity
          Marker interface for entities that resides in the ODI Work development Repository.
 interface IWorkRuntimeOdiEntity
          Marker interface for entities that resides in the ODI Runtime Repository.

Methods in oracle.odi.domain that return IRepositoryEntity
 IRepositoryEntity IRepositoryEntity.getSecurityContainer()
          Define a generic way to retrieve container for entities.

Uses of IRepositoryEntity in oracle.odi.domain.flexfields

Subinterfaces of IRepositoryEntity in oracle.odi.domain.flexfields
 interface IFlexFieldUser
          This interface is implemented by ODI objects for which an OdiFlexField's default value can be overridden.

Uses of IRepositoryEntity in oracle.odi.domain.model

Classes in oracle.odi.domain.model that implement IRepositoryEntity
 class AbstractOdiSubModel
          Abstract base class for sub-models.
 class KeyColumn
          Internal: Association class between an OdiKey and an OdiColumn.
 class OdiColumn
          An OdiColumn represents the data structure of a column part of an OdiDataStore.
 class OdiCondition
          An OdiCondition allows to define a data constraint to check on an OdiDataStore.
 class OdiDataStore
          An OdiDataStore represents a two-dimensional tabular data structure, generally a database table structure.
 class OdiFilter
          An OdiFilter allows to define data filter relative to an OdiDataStore.
 class OdiGlobalSubModel
          AbstractOdiSubModel subclass, to manage global ODI submodels.
 class OdiKey
          A key for an OdiDataStore.
 class OdiMainPartition
          Represents a main partition of an OdiDataStore.
 class OdiModel
          An OdiModel represents a set of datastores corresponding to data structures contained in a physical schema.
 class OdiModelFolder
          An OdiModelFolder is used to arrange OdiModels.
 class OdiPartition
          An OdiPartition is an abstract class defining database partitioning.
 class OdiReference
          An OdiReference is a reference between a foreign OdiDataStore and a primary OdiDataStore.
 class OdiSubModel
          A sub model is a group of functionally homogeneous datastores within a model.
 class OdiSubPartition
          Subclasses OdiPartition, and is a child of a OdiMainPartition instance.
 class ReferenceColumn
          A reference column for an OdiReference.

Methods in oracle.odi.domain.model that return IRepositoryEntity
 IRepositoryEntity AbstractOdiSubModel.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity KeyColumn.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiColumn.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiCondition.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiDataStore.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiFilter.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiKey.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiModel.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiModelFolder.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiPartition.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiReference.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity ReferenceColumn.getSecurityContainer()

Uses of IRepositoryEntity in oracle.odi.domain.project

Classes in oracle.odi.domain.project that implement IRepositoryEntity
 class OdiCKM
          Represents the Control Knowledge Module.
 class OdiCKMLine
          Subclass of ProcedureLine providing CKM specific properties used during code generation.
 class OdiFolder
          An OdiFolder is a workbench entity that ODI users will use to organize their work related to a single OdiProject.
 class OdiIKM
          Represents an Integration Knowledge Module.
 class OdiIKMLine
          Subclass of ProcedureLine providing IKM specific properties used during code generation.
 class OdiInterface
          An OdiInterface is the main class that implement target datastore feeding, suppling data from several source datastores.
 class OdiJKM
          Represents a journalization knowledge module.
 class OdiJKMLine
          Subclass of ProcedureLine providing JKM specific properties used during code generation.
 class OdiKM<L extends OdiProcedureLine>
          Abstract base class that all knowledge modules types subclasses.
 class OdiLKM
          Represents the Loading Knowledge Module.
 class OdiLKMLine
          Subclass of ProcedureLine providing LKM specific properties used during code generation.
 class OdiPackage
          Represents an ODI package.
 class OdiProcedure<L extends OdiProcedureLine>
          Abstract high-level object encompassing ODI User Procedures and ODI Knowledge Modules.
 class OdiProcedureLine
          An OdiProcedureLine holds metadata about a task to be executed by ODI Execution Engine.
 class OdiProject
          An OdiProject is a top level workbench object in ODI.
 class OdiRKM
          Represents the Reverse Knowledge Module.
 class OdiRKMLine
          Subclass of ProcedureLine providing RKM specific properties used during reverse engineering.
 class OdiSequence
          Represents design time metadata about a sequence.
 class OdiSKM
          Represents the Service Knowledge Module.
 class OdiUserFunction
          Represents design time metadata about a customized function that can be used in expressions of other objects such as OdiInterface, OdiUserProcedure.
 class OdiUserFunctionImpl
          Represents metadata of an actual OdiUserFunction implementation for one or several OdiTechnology.
 class OdiUserProcedure
          Represents the ODI user procedures.
 class OdiUserProcedureLine
          Subclass of ProcedureLine providing User Procedure specific properties.
 class OdiVariable
          Represents design time metadata about a variable.
 class ProcedureOption
          Represents the option for an OdiProcedure.
 class Step
          Abstract base class of package's steps.
 class StepDataStore
          Subclass of Step that represent a step based on a datastore.
 class StepInterface
          Subclass of Step that will be used inside an OdiPackage to express execution of an OdiInterface.
 class StepModel
          Subclass of Step that represents a step based on an OdiModel.
 class StepOdiCommand
          Subclass of Step representing a step that contains an ODI command.
 class StepOsCommand
          Subclass of Step representing a step that contains an OS (Operating System) command.
 class StepProcedure
          Subclass of Step that will be used inside an OdiPackage to express execution of an OdiUserProcedure.
 class StepSubModel
          Subclass of Step that will be used to control an OdiSubModel for errors.
 class StepVariable
          Subclass of Step that will be used inside an OdiPackage to express usage/action of a variable for further use inside that OdiPackage.

Methods in oracle.odi.domain.project that return IRepositoryEntity
 IRepositoryEntity OdiFolder.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiInterface.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiKM.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiPackage.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiProcedure.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiProcedureLine.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiProject.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiSKM.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiSequence.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiUserFunction.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiUserFunctionImpl.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiUserProcedure.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiVariable.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity ProcedureOption.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity Step.getSecurityContainer()

Uses of IRepositoryEntity in oracle.odi.domain.project.interfaces

Classes in oracle.odi.domain.project.interfaces that implement IRepositoryEntity
 class DataSet
          This class represents a dataset inside an OdiInterface.
 class Filter
          This class represents a filter in an interface.
 class GenericClause
          This class represents a generic clause in an interface, which is either a join or a filter.
 class Join
          This class represents a join in an interface.
 class ObjTrace
          This class represents trace messages of an object in the repository.
 class SourceDataStore
          A class that represents a OdiDataStore object that is used as a source in an ODI interface.
 class SourceSet
          A source set groups all joins and mappings that will be executed on the same physical schema.
 class TargetColumn
          A target column is a column of a OdiInterface.TargetDataStore in an OdiInterface.
It contains information about how the column is mapped (indicators, potentially a target SQL mapping text).
When the target datastore has an underlying OdiDataStore, each TargetMapping points to one OdiColumn of this OdiDataStore.
In this case, TargetColumns are persisted according to an IMappingPersistencePolicy for obvious performance reasons (on a target datastore with 500 columns on which only 10 columns are mapped, this can make a difference).
On temporary target datastores, target columns do not reflect an OdiColumn and are systematically persisted.
Note that all setters in this class should not be used directly.
 class TargetMapping
          This class represents a mapping in an interface.
The mapping is in a dataset and has an execution location.
Created on 20 dec.

Methods in oracle.odi.domain.project.interfaces that return IRepositoryEntity
 IRepositoryEntity DataSet.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity GenericClause.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity ObjTrace.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity SourceDataStore.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity SourceSet.getSecurityContainer()
          Returns the data set for which this source set is attached to.
 IRepositoryEntity TargetColumn.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity TargetMapping.getSecurityContainer()

Uses of IRepositoryEntity in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.scenario

Classes in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.scenario that implement IRepositoryEntity
 class OdiScenario
          An ODI Scenario is designed to put a source component (interface, package, procedure, variable) into production.
 class OdiScenarioFolder
 class OdiScenarioReport
          Defines execution report of an OdiScenario.
 class OdiScenarioSequence
          Defines a sequence inside an OdiScenario.
 class OdiScenarioVariable
          Defines a variable inside an OdiScenario and is part of the OdiScenario - OdiScenarioVariable - OdiScenarioSequence - OdiScenarioReport aggregate.
 class OdiStepReport
          Defines execution report of an OdiScenario's step.
 class oracle.odi.domain.runtime.scenario.Variable
          Deprecated. Replaced by OdiScenarioVariable

Methods in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.scenario that return IRepositoryEntity
 IRepositoryEntity OdiScenario.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiScenarioFolder.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiScenarioReport.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiScenarioSequence.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiScenarioVariable.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiStepReport.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity Variable.getSecurityContainer()

Uses of IRepositoryEntity in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.sequence

Classes in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.sequence that implement IRepositoryEntity
 class OdiStandardSequenceValue
          OdiStandardSequenceValue class represents current value of ODI sequences of SequenceType.STANDARD type.

Methods in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.sequence that return IRepositoryEntity
 IRepositoryEntity OdiStandardSequenceValue.getSecurityContainer()

Uses of IRepositoryEntity in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.session

Classes in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.session that implement IRepositoryEntity
 class OdiSession
          An OdiSession is an execution (of a scenario, an interface, a package or a procedure, ...) undertaken by an execution agent.
 class OdiSessionFolder
          An OdiSessionFolder is used to group OdiSession using predefined Keywords.
 class OdiSessionStepLog
          Execution log of an OdiSession's step.
 class OdiSessionTaskLog
          Execution log of an OdiSession's task.
 class OdiSessionVariable
          Defines a variable inside an OdiSession and is part of the OdiSession - OdiSessionVariable - OdiSessionStepLog aggregate.
 class oracle.odi.domain.runtime.session.StepLog
          Deprecated. Replaced by OdiSessionStepLog

Methods in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.session that return IRepositoryEntity
 IRepositoryEntity OdiSession.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiSessionFolder.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiSessionStepLog.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiSessionTaskLog.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiSessionVariable.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity StepLog.getSecurityContainer()

Uses of IRepositoryEntity in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.variable

Classes in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.variable that implement IRepositoryEntity
 class OdiVariableValue
          An OdiVariableValue is used to store a value taken by a variable during execution when defined as oracle.odi.domain.runtime.variable.Action.HISTORIZE or oracle.odi.domain.runtime.variable.Action.LATEST_VALUE.

Methods in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.variable that return IRepositoryEntity
 IRepositoryEntity OdiVariableValue.getSecurityContainer()

Uses of IRepositoryEntity in

Classes in that implement IRepositoryEntity
 class OdiUser
          The OdiUser class contains informations about a user including password and supervisor.

Methods in that return IRepositoryEntity
 IRepositoryEntity OdiUser.getSecurityContainer()
          Return the parent object.

Uses of IRepositoryEntity in

Classes in that implement IRepositoryEntity

Uses of IRepositoryEntity in oracle.odi.domain.topology

Classes in oracle.odi.domain.topology that implement IRepositoryEntity
 class AbstractOdiDataServer
          Abstract root class for OdiDataServer and OdiRepositoryServer.
 class OdiContext
          An ODI Context.
 class OdiContextualAgentMapping
          Agent mapping between a physical agent and a logical agent applying for an ODI context.
 class OdiContextualSchemaMapping
          Schema mapping between physical schema and logical schema applying for an ODI context.
 class OdiDataServer
          An OdiDataServer is a data server that is defined for a technology into the physical topology of ODI.
 class OdiDataType
          An OdiDataType is a domain entity describing a single data type defined for an ODI technology.
 class OdiEnterpriseScheduler
          ODI domain object representing an ODI enterprise scheduler.
 class OdiFlexField
          An ODI Flex Field enabling generic/flexible definition of custom informations for an ODI entity (aka IOdiEntity).
 class OdiIndexType
          An OdiIndexType is a domain entity describing a single type of SGBDR index for an ODI technology.
 class OdiLogicalAgent
          An ODI logical agent to be used as reference to an OdiPhysicalAgent for a given OdiContext.
 class OdiLogicalSchema
          An ODI logical schema.
 class OdiMasterRepositoryInfo
          Metadata about an ODI Master Repository.
 class OdiPhysicalAgent
          An ODI physical agent, holding metadata about a deployed runtime agent.
 class OdiPhysicalAgentDataSource
          OdiPhysicalAgentDataSource allows to override connection settings of an AbstractOdiDataServer with J2EE DataSource settings for an ODI agent deployed into a J2EE server.
 class OdiPhysicalSchema
          An OdiPhysicalSchema is a physical schema defined for a data server into the physical topology of ODI.
 class OdiRepositoryServer
          An OdiRepositoryServer.
 class OdiTechnology
          A technology that is defined within the physical topology provided by ODI.
 class OdiWorkRepositoryInfo
          Metadata about an ODI Work Repository.

Methods in oracle.odi.domain.topology that return IRepositoryEntity
 IRepositoryEntity AbstractOdiDataServer.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiContext.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiContextualAgentMapping.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiContextualSchemaMapping.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiDataType.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiEnterpriseScheduler.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiFlexField.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiIndexType.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiLogicalAgent.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiLogicalSchema.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiMasterRepositoryInfo.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiPhysicalAgent.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiPhysicalAgentDataSource.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiPhysicalSchema.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiTechnology.getSecurityContainer()
 IRepositoryEntity OdiWorkRepositoryInfo.getSecurityContainer()

Uses of IRepositoryEntity in oracle.odi.missingref

Methods in oracle.odi.missingref that return types with arguments of type IRepositoryEntity
 java.lang.Class<? extends IRepositoryEntity> IMissingRef.getMissingEntityClass()
          Returns the class of the object referenced by the missing reference.
 java.lang.Class<? extends IRepositoryEntity> IMissingRef.getSourceEntityClass()
          Returns the class of the object holding the missing reference.

Uses of IRepositoryEntity in

Methods in that return types with arguments of type IRepositoryEntity
 java.lang.Class<? extends IRepositoryEntity> DefaultMissingRef.getMissingEntityClass()
          Returns the missing entity class value.
 java.lang.Class<? extends IRepositoryEntity> DefaultMissingRef.getSourceEntityClass()
          Returns the source entity class value.

Methods in with parameters of type IRepositoryEntity
 IMissingRef[] MissingRefManager.getMissingRefsForObject(IRepositoryEntity pRepositoryEntity)
          Returns the missing refs managed in this manager whose origin entity is this one.

Method parameters in with type arguments of type IRepositoryEntity
 void DefaultMissingRef.setMissingEntityClass(java.lang.Class<? extends IRepositoryEntity> pMissingEntityClass)
          Specifies the missing entity class value.
 void DefaultMissingRef.setSourceEntityClass(java.lang.Class<? extends IRepositoryEntity> pSourceEntityClass)
          Specifies the source entity class value.

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