2.2 Idoc Script Syntax

Idoc Script follows these basic syntax rules:

2.2.1 Idoc Script Tags

Idoc Script commands begin with <$ and end with $> delimiters. For example:

<$if UseGuiWinLook and isTrue(UseGuiWinLook)$>

If you are using Idoc Script in an HCSP or HCSF page, you must use the syntax <!--$script--> for Idoc Script tags. For more information, see the Oracle Fusion Middleware Developer's Guide for Content Server.

2.2.2 Idoc Script Comments

You can use standard HTML comments or Idoc Script comments in Idoc Script code. An Idoc Script comment begins with [[% and closes with %]]. For example:

<!-- HTML Comment -->
[[%My Comment%]]

The comment syntax also can be used to comment out dynamichtml constructs and other resource specifiers, such as string resources, in Idoc Script resource files. For example:

[[% Commenting out resource includes
<@dynamichtml myinclude@>
End comment %]]