2.1 Idoc Naming Conventions

Idoc variables (sometimes called configuration variables or environment variables) can be used in Idoc scripts and in configuration files.

In general, if the variable is part of a configuration, it begins with a capital letter. Those variables specified in the config.cfg file or intradoc.cfg file usually have an initial capital letter. Many parameters in service requests also begin with upper case letters.

Variables defined on a page, such as those that are derived and then used in files such as std_page.htm, begin with a lowercase letter. See "executeService" for an example. The variables are calculated from environment variables or service variables then used for presentation.

If a variable is used to define an object, it begins with lowercase letters designating the type of object it is defining. See "wfSet" for an example of a workflow-specific variable. In addition, all functions start with a lowercase letter and many start with a prefix to describe the type of function. For example, most string manipulation functions begin with str, or ResultSet functions begin with rs.

All database column names that are not custom metadata fields begin with the lower-case letter d. All custom metadata database column names create by the Content Server begin with the lower-case letter x.