Executes a Content Server service.

  • This function allows the specified service to be executed while the page is being constructed. Generally, services are executed using a tool such as IdcCommand or the CGI URL on the browser.

  • Used with dynamic server pages.

  • Services that can be called with the executeService function must be scriptable, meaning that they do not require parameter input. Scriptable services have an access level of 32 or more.

Type and Usage


The only parameter is the name of the service to be executed. The live data in the DataBinder is used as parameters to the specified service.


  • Returns a StatusCode of 0 if the service was executed successfully.

  • Returns a StatusCode of -1 if an error in the service execution occurred.

  • All output of the executed service is suppressed, but any ResultSets and loaded values are available.


Executes a service when given a service name:


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