Executes an Idoc Script expression and suppresses the output (does not display the expression on the page).

  • In earlier versions of Idoc Script, the exec keyword was required to suppress the value of any variable from appearing in the output file. In the current version, the exec keyword is needed only to suppress an expression from appearing in the output.

    For example, the first line below is equivalent to the last two lines:

    <$varA="stringA", varB ="stringB"$>
    <$exec varA="stringA"$>
    <$exec varB="stringB"$>
  • The exec keyword is typically used to evaluate behind-the-scenes code, such as specifying an include to be used later in the page.

Type and Usage


The only parameter is an Idoc Script expression.


Returns the value of the expression, but does not display the expression on the page.


Evaluates the inc global functions to incorporate the specified includes without displaying their code on the page:

<@dynamichtml std_definitions@>
    <$exec inc("std_page_variable_definitions")$>
    <$exec inc("define_image_files")$>

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