Sends an e-mail message to a specified user, alias, or workflow token.

The wfMailSubject and wfMessage variables can be set to customize the notification message.

Type and Usage


Takes two parameters and an optional third parameter:

  • The first parameter specifies the user name, alias, or token to be notified.

  • The second parameter indicates the type, either user, alias or token.

  • The optional third parameter specifies the name of the e-mail template to use for constructing the message. (See the IdcHomeDir/resources/core/templates/templates.hda file for template definitions.)


Notifies the original author:

<$wfNotify(dDocAuthor, "user")$>

Notifies all users in the myAlias alias, using the IdcHomeDir/resources/core/templates/reject_mail.htm file as a template:

<$wfNotify("myAlias", "alias", "WF_REJECT_MAIL")$>

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