Retrieves a list (parent list) of the workflow steps that the revision has visited. This tells the system where jumps occurred and how to unwind the steps during an error, a reject, or an exit.

This variable can be used to create conditional statements, but it should not be hard-coded or altered.

If the parent list is unwound due to an error, reject, or exit, steps are removed from the list, so the parent list may not reflect the complete step history.

The parent list is global, and is not localized with a step name.

Steps in the parent list are listed with the most recent step first. Steps are separated with a pound sign (#). An asterisk before a step name indicates that it is a jump step. For example:


Type and Usage


Returns the parent list as a string.


One use for the parent list is to simulate the jumps that a content item has visited when you are testing a workflow script. For example, on the Test tab or the Edit Script screen, selecting a content item and clicking Load Item's Workflow State could result in the following line: