Specifies the name of a ResultSet that contains option list values.

Type and Usage


Returns the option list ResultSet.


Specifies DocFormats as the option list ResultSet for the standard Format field on a search page:

<@dynamichtml std_format_fields@>
<$if ClientControlled or dFormat or dExtension$>
<$fieldName = "dFormat", fieldCaption = lc("wwNativeFormat"),optionListResultSet = "DocFormats"$> <$include std_display_field$>
<$fieldName = "dExtension", fieldCaption = lc("wwNativeExtension"), fieldWidth = 10$>
<$include std_display_field$>

Creates an option list by looping over a ResultSet:

<@dynamichtml compute_resultset_option_list_script@>
    <$if not optionListKey$>
<$optionListKey = fieldName$>
    <$defaultOptionListScript = "<$loop " & optionListResultSet & "$>" &     "<$inc('std_resultset_option_list_item')$>" & "<$endloop$>"$>

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