Specifies an include that defines the values for an option list.

Type and Usage


Returns the include code.


Defines std_override_format_option_value as the option list value include:

<@dynamichtml std_override_format_field@>
<$if not isInfo and IsOverrideFormat$>
<$fieldIsOptionList = 1, optionListResultSet = "DocFormats", optionListKey = "dFormat", optionListValueInclude = "std_override_format_option_value", addEmptyOption = 1, emptyOptionLabel = lc("wwEmptyFormatOption")$>
<$include std_display_field$>
<@dynamichtml std_override_format_option_value@>

Specifies the include to use to display options in an option list from a ResultSet:

<@dynamichtml std_resultset_option_list_item@>
<$curValue = getValue("#active", optionListKey)$>
<option value="<$curValue$>" <$if optionsAllowPreselect and strEquals(curValue, fieldValue)$>selected<$endif$>>
<$if optionListValueInclude$>

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