Defines an include.

This function allows dynamically constructed script to be assigned to an include (much as the eval function enables such script to be parsed and evaluated).

If the specified include already exists, the super keyword can be used in the new script to refer to the existing include.

Type and Usage


Takes two parameters:

  • The first parameter is the name of the include.

  • The second parameter is a string that defines the contents of the include. This string can contain Idoc Script.


Returns 0 if the include could not be parsed, 1 if it can be parsed.

Use exec to suppress this behavior.


Uses the string "My name is resource include" to dynamically construct script:

<$setResourceInclude("my_name","My name is <$my_name$>")$>

Uses the super keyword to modify the std_display_field include:

<$myInclude="<span class='field'><$include super.std_display_field$></span>"

The following example suppresses the returned result:

<$exec setResourceInclude("std_display_field",myInclude)$>