The target can either be #local or the name of a ResultSet. If the target is #local, then the parameter name identifies the name of a local data variable whose value is to be set by the parameter value. If the target area is nonempty and is not #local, then a field in a ResultSet named by the parameter target is being set. If the ResultSet exists and is currently on a valid current row, then that particular column's value (column named by the parameter name) on that row will be set with the value in the parameter value. If the field is currently not a part of that ResultSet, then the field will be added as a new column to the ResultSet and the value will be set. If the target ResultSet is not on a valid row, then this function will have no effect (but an internal exception will be reported on the server output). Note that this function should be contrasted with getValue.

Type and Usage


Takes three parameters:

  • The first parameter is the target area to be set (either #local or the name of a ResultSet)

  • The second parameter is the name of key that holds the value to be set (either a local variable or a ResultSet field)

  • The third parameter is the value to be set.


  • Returns TRUE if the function is successful.

  • Returns FALSE if the function fails.


<$setValue(target, name, value)$>