Sets the date/time format for the Content Server.

Note that there are two types of date formats: one that stores seconds and one that truncates seconds and stores the date up to the minute. If seconds are used, dates can only be stored up to the year 2037.

If SystemLocale is not specified as a configuration setting, the SystemDateFormat will be deduced directly from the OS settings in the Java VM instead of using the Content Server configuration table settings for the SystemLocale. If SystemLocale is explicitly defined, then the date/time format from the Content Server configuration tables for that locale will be used instead.

The syntax for this format is an extension of the date format functionality provided in the standard Java class libraries.

Type and Usage




Used as a configuration entry to set the standard US date time using the four digit year format:

SystemDateFormat=M/d{/yyyy} {h:mm[:ss] {aa}[zzz]}

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