Sets the system locale for the Content Server.

This setting controls the following:

  • localized strings used in the Content Server interface

  • character encoding for Web pages

  • date/time format

  • time zone

  • parameters used for full-text indexing

Any of these individual features can be controlled by separate configuration entries or by changing the settings for the SystemLocale.

This setting can be changed on the Server tab of the System Properties utility. The defaults for a specific locale can be changed on the Localization tab of the System Properties utility.

If SystemLocale is not specified as a configuration setting, the SystemDateFormat will be deduced directly from the OS settings in the Java VM instead of using the Content Server configuration table settings for the SystemLocale. If SystemLocale is explicitly defined, then the date/time format from the Content Server configuration tables for that locale will be used instead.

Type and Usage


  • System Properties, Server tab, System Locale

  • IntradocDir/config/config.cfg


Used as a configuration entry:


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