B.2 Installing the NTK Component

Install the component using either the Component Wizard or the command-line ComponentTool as follows:

Installing the NTK component with Component Wizard:

  1. Launch the Component Wizard.

    For information on using standalone applications, see "Running Administration Applications in Standalone Mode".

  2. On the Component List screen, select Options, then Add.

    The "Add Component Screen" displays.

  3. Select the radio button for Use Existing Component.

  4. Browse to the location where the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) shiphome was installed. For example:

  5. Select the NeedToKnow.hda file and click OK.

  6. Click Enable.

    The NTK component is listed as enabled.

Installing the NTK component with ComponentTool:

Run the Component Tool and specify the NeedToKnow.hda file with the following path, using your configuration name and path for ECM_HOME: