10.8 Set Up Installers for Oracle IRM Desktop Installation Software

Oracle IRM Desktop installation software must be made available to intended recipients of sealed content. Use the Desktop Installers page to give administrators using the Oracle IRM Server management console a choice of installers to make available for download. Multiple versions of the software can be made available to reflect differing requirements for language and product version.

To set up installers for Oracle IRM Desktop installation software:

  1. In the browser panel, find and select IRM.

  2. In the toolbar, select the IRM menu, select Administration, then select Desktop Installers.

  3. Select the Add icon to open the Add Desktop Installer dialog.

  4. In the Add Desktop Installer dialog:

    • From the Language Name drop-down list, select a language for the installer. You can use the same language for more than one installer.

    • In the Installer Label box, enter text to describe the installer (for example, for an English installer you could enter "Oracle IRM Desktop installation software").

    • In the Installer URL box, enter the URL for the associated installation software.

    • In the Product Version box, enter text for the product version. This would normally be a combination of numerals and periods, but is not verified against the previously specified installation software, so can be any value.

    • To set up the installer, click OK.