10.7 Set Up Translations for Oracle IRM Server

Oracle IRM Server supports translations of the text associated with Oracle IRM components (contexts, roles, etc.). You can use the Oracle IRM pages on Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control Console to determine which languages are available for translations when using Oracle IRM Server. One of the languages must be chosen as the default language, which will be used if a user's local language is not supported.

To set up translations for Oracle IRM Server:

  1. In the browser panel, find and select IRM.

  2. In the toolbar, select the IRM menu, select Administration, then select Translations.

  3. Use the checkboxes in the Enable column to select whether each language should be available.

  4. Select one of the languages as the default.

  5. To save the changes, click the Apply button in the top right corner of the page.