1.2 Getting Started

This guide assumes that Oracle I/PM is already installed. For information on installing Oracle I/PM and setting initial post-installation configuration options, see Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation Guide for Oracle Enterprise Content Management Suite.

This chapter provides an overview to the product architecture. Subsequent chapters detail security contexts, initial configuration steps, administration procedures, and reference material for administering Oracle I/PM.

After installing Oracle I/PM and prior to configuring applications and other aspects of I/PM, ensure the following:

  • If using Oracle Document Capture or Oracle Distributed Document Capture, ensure that they have been configured with the Oracle I/PM 11g commit driver.

  • Ensure that the agent user and GDFontpath values have been set.

  • Review the chapter on managing security to familiarize yourself with the security contexts within Oracle I/PM, the levels of security within those contexts and how they will apply to users and groups.

  • Obtain the necessary security information to connect to a BPEL server.

  • Obtain the necessary security information to connect to a Content Server repository.