1.3 About This Product

Oracle Imaging and Process Management (Oracle I/PM) provides organizations with a scalable solution upon which to develop process-oriented imaging applications and image-enablement solutions for enterprise applications. It enables image capture via Oracle Document Capture and Oracle Distributed Document Capture, annotation and markup of images, routing and approval automation, and support for high-volume applications for billions of items. With Oracle I/PM, organizations can quickly integrate their content and processes directly with Oracle enterprise applications, such as Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft Enterprise, and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. Users benefit by having a single source for all transaction-based content, eliminating the need for double entry.

Oracle I/PM manages documents from image capture to archiving. A document is uploaded into Oracle I/PM either singly by individual users or in bulk via a background ingestion agent. Once uploaded, a document becomes part of an application. An application is a type of container for documents that defines metadata, storage information, and BPEL process configuration for all documents within it. Applications are defined by the system administrator based on a specific business need. For example, an Invoicing application may track invoice number, date sent, date due, status, and any other metadata required by an accounting department. Applications use an input definition to map metadata from an input file to the correct application fields for bulk ingestion via the input agent. The input agent ingests the metadata and documents from a local file system into I/PM.

Depending on how your repository is set up, uploaded documents can be stored within an Oracle database, on a file system, or in storage-specific hardware for retrieval. Security is applied to an Oracle I/PM document based on its application, ensuring access only by authorized users. And Oracle I/PM may be configured to initiate a business process instance within Oracle's BPEL server.

Users can retrieve stored documents using a predefined search. Predefined searches are created to find documents based on document metadata and full-text indexes. With the proper permissions, users can:

  • View documents in a standard web-browser

  • Print, download, or e-mail the document to others

  • Annotate documents

  • Upload documents and initiate a BPEL process if one is defined in the application

  • Delete, copy, or move documents

Figure 1-1 Oracle I/PM Process Overview

I/PM Process Overview