5.1 Enabling Input Agent


The AgentUser MBean must be set for Input Agent to work. To check if AgentUser has been set, view the AgentUser MBean using the Enterprise Manager MBean browser or WLST. For information on setting the AgentUser MBean, see "Configuring the AgentUser and GDFontPath MBeans".

The Input Agent is an Oracle I/PM service used to upload and index documents in bulk into the Oracle I/PM system. This section describes how to enable the Input Agent and create the input files for batch uploading in Oracle I/PM. Input Agent indexes Oracle I/PM documents in bulk by using an application definition, input definition, and a specially formatted text file called an input file. The input file specifies the list of images to index and the metadata to associate with them in the application. Input Agent is multithreaded and is configurable to handle large and small volumes of data.

To enable the Input Agent, do the following:

  1. Start the managed servers, using WLST or the Enterprise Manager MBean browser, navigate to the Oracle I/PM configuration MBean.

  2. If the AgentUser MBean has not been set, set a valid user name from the credential store. Input Agent creates documents with the user name, so it is important to pick a user associated with the agent activities. You must restart the I/PM server after changing this parameter.

  3. Set CheckInterval to a value that is appropriate for your environment. The CheckInterval MBean is a system setting that specifies how many minutes to pause before checking for new work to do. The default is 15 minutes.

  4. Set the InputAgentRetryCount to control how many times a job can be retried after it has failed. The default is 3, after which the job is placed in the failed directory.

  5. Set the InputDirectories MBean to specify the paths to the input files. This value can be expressed as an array of locations. If using a multinode installation of I/PM, this location is shared among all the Input Agents and must be accessible by all agents. If Input Agents are on different machines, this must be a shared network.


In order to process input files, the Input Agent must have the appropriate permissions on the input directory. The Input Agent requires that the user account that is running the WLS service have read and write privileges to the input directory and all files and subdirectories in the input directory. These privileges are required so that Input Agent can acquire read/write locks, move input files and create subfolders under the input directory.

After completing these steps, the Input Agent is active and ready to process work. Once you create an application (see "Creating An Application") and input definitions (see "Creating Input Definitions"), the Input Agent will start processing jobs.