6.3 Modifying an Existing Search

To modify an existing search, complete these steps:


Unlike documents, definitions cannot be locked while being modified. Consequently, if the same definition is being modified at the same time by different people, only the last changes submitted are saved.
  1. Expand the Manage Searches panel in the navigator pane.

  2. Click the name of the search you want to change. The Search Summary Page is displayed.

  3. Click Modify. The Search Properties Page for that search is displayed.


    If you only have the Grant Access security rights, the Search Security Page is displayed. The Search Security Page and the Search Summary Page are the only two you will have access to.
  4. Navigate to the appropriate page or pages to make the desired modifications using the navigation train. Review the section "Creating a Search" for information regarding page options. Once you have made the desired modifications, return to the Search Summary Page.

  5. On the Search Summary Page, click Submit to enter the changes.