10.10 Font Errors

Documents with text content require the fonts necessary to render the document to be available to the OutsideIn rendering engine, which uses TrueType fonts. Fonts are not provided by Oracle. If the font used in a document is not available to OutsideIn, then a suitable substitute will be used. Font substitutions can cause a document to be unreadable, create incorrect text formatting, or cause shifting of data or repagination on text documents, including potentially exposing redacted content.

To ensure that proper fonts are used when rendering documents, the administrator should install them to the client and server system. The server MBean GdFontPath should be set to the directory where the fonts are installed. When using the advanced viewer mode on Linux systems, the fonts can be installed and the environment variable GDFONTPATH set to that directory. If the environment variable is not found, the user will be prompted for that path the first time the advanced viewer mode is used. In cases where an attempt to download a document as a TIFF before the path is set, and error may occur that prevents downloading the TIFF rendition.

For more information, see "Configuring the AgentUser and GDFontPath MBeans".