A.20 Search Preview and Test Page

From this page, you can test the search you just created to ensure it is working and displaying properly before deploying it.

Access the Create Search Preview and Test page by clicking Next on the Search Security Page.

Surrounding text describes search_results_preview.gif.

The following table describes the elements available on the page.

Element Description
Enable Required Fields By default, the search parameters marked as required are not enforced in this search test page so as not to hinder progressing through the search definition process. Enable and provide the required search parameters to more accurately reproduce the Search Form operation.
Search Runs the test search. Once run, the results are displayed in the lower section as they will display on a search results page. Go back to any previous page to alter any elements of the search that are not producing the desired results. Navigate backwards by clicking the back button, or skipping directly to it using the Navigation Train.
Search Result Toolbar The Search Results Toolbar is displayed above the search results area and provides options for manipulating returned documents. Functionality is documented in the User's Guide for Oracle IPM and in the help system on a search results page.