A.15 Search Results Formatting Page

The Create Search Results Formatting page is used to format how search results are displayed. Searches can be limited to one application or span multiple applications. For example, you can create a single search that returns purchase orders from a Purchase Order application and invoices from an Invoice application.

Access the Create Search Results Formatting page by clicking Next on the Create Search Properties page or by clicking Results Formatting on the Navigation Train.

Surrounding text describes search_results_format.gif.

The following table describes the elements available on the page.

Element Description
Source Application Specifies the application to be searched. The application selected determines the criteria fields available. Only applications to which you have View security rights are listed.
Field Columns The second and subsequent columns represent the columns of metadata fields from the searched applications that will appear in the search results. Selecting a search field populates the column header with the name and enables the next column.
Column Options Icon Clicking the Column Options icon in the column header displays the following options:
  • Modify Column Name: Allows you to rename the column header.

  • Move Column Left: Moves the column one space to the left.

  • Move Column Right: Moves the column one space to the right.

  • Delete Column: Displays a dialog window asking you to confirm deleting the column.

Remove Application Icon Clicking the Remove Application Icon next to the Source Application displays a dialog window asking for confirmation to remove the application from the search.