1.2 About Application Extension Framework (AXF)

Oracle's Application Extension Framework (AXF) is a command-driven, web services integration between a business application such as E-Business Suite and a content management application such as I/PM. The open Java-based architecture of AXF allows integrators to configure and modify multiple business process solutions separate from the systems themselves, and to upgrade systems without affecting implemented AXF solutions.

The Application Extension Framework includes the following components:

AXF Solution Templates

Oracle provides templates for specific functions, such as automating invoice and receipt processing via BPEL-based workflows with associated approval rules, data entry forms, and reports.


To obtain a solution template, contact your systems integrator, Oracle Consulting, or Oracle Support.

AXF Commands

AXF provides reusable commands for implementing functionality. The Imaging Solution uses multiple AXF commands, as described in "About AXF Commands".

AXF Web Tools

AXF provides web interface components for display to users, such as a task list and task viewer. Configured through the AXF tables, these web tools are used in some imaging solutions, and described in "About AXF Web User Tools".

AXF Configuration Database Tables

You configure AXF solutions, commands, and web tools by configuring the AXF database tables. For information about each table and example implementations for the solution, see "AXF Tables".