2.3 Associating Metadata with Documents

Each time you upload a document to Oracle I/PM, you select an application that has been designed for that type of document. The application displays a form listing the metadata for which you can specify values. The values you specify in the form are the values for the metadata associated with the document as it is uploaded. Those values are indexed and can then be used to search for and retrieve documents.

For example, when uploading an invoice, you might select an application named Invoices, which displays a form that includes a field for Invoice Number. When you enter the invoice number into the field and upload the document, that value gets indexed. To retrieve the document, you can select Invoices under your Searches panel and enter the value into the Invoice Number field in the search form. Because the value was indexed when the document was uploaded, Oracle I/PM finds it and displays it in the viewer.

System administrators can upload large batches of documents to Oracle I/PM using background processes. Although the process differs from the one you use to upload documents from your desktop, the system administrator still ensures that the documents have the correct metadata associated with them.