2.4 Indexing Document Metadata

The metadata associated with documents when they are uploaded can be indexed and used as criteria to search for and retrieve documents from Oracle I/PM. Not all metadata may be indexed and made available for searching. Whether or not a metadata field is indexed is determined by the person creating the application.

The purpose of indexing metadata is to make it available to you for searching. The person creating a search creates it in a way similar to creating an application. The person creating the search determines what metadata fields you see in a search form. Each search is displayed in the Searches panel of the Navigator pane. Clicking a search link displays a form requesting search parameter metadata associated with the type of documents you are searching for. Because an application determines the metadata to be used as search criteria, most search options in Oracle I/PM have a direct correlation with the application in which a document resides. For example, if there is an application named “Leases” for uploading leases, then there is likely a search named “Leases” that displays a search form to enter criteria to find lease documents. However if necessary, a single search form can be created to be used to search across multiple applications.

Depending on how Oracle I/PM is configured, document content (full text) may also be indexed. For example, text from a leasing contract may get indexed when the lease is uploaded to Oracle I/PM, enabling you to search for words or phrases from within the lease. Like metadata, searches for the full text of documents is done using a field on the search form when the search is created. If you are uncertain whether your version of Oracle I/PM supports full text searching, ask your system administrator.