5 Viewing, Annotating, and Retrieving Documents

Documents stored in Oracle I/PM are viewed using a document viewer. The document viewer displays a document in a separate window. In addition to the document, the viewer displays any annotations you have rights to view, as well as document properties and history. Document properties are a list all of the metadata associated with a document. Document history is a list of all actions that have occurred to a document while in Oracle I/PM.

The document viewer has two modes: basic and advanced. Both modes display the document, annotations, history and properties. The advanced mode also enables you to add or edit document annotations, provided you have the security rights to do so. In order to use the advanced viewer mode and add or edit annotations, Java version 1.6 must be installed on your computer and your browser must allow Java applets to run. Java is a free technology that expands the ability of your computer. If you do not have Java set to run the first time you use the viewer in advanced mode, you will be asked to install and approve the Java plug-in. You can do so by following the instructions presented by your web browser. If you are uncertain if you have Java installed and working on your computer, or if you need the advanced viewer mode and are unable to get it working, contact your system administrator.

The default viewer mode for opening documents is set on the Preferences Page and is initially defined when Oracle I/PM is installed. If you regularly need to make or edit annotations, ensure that the preference setting is set to use advanced viewer mode. You can also switch between modes easily from within the viewer if necessary.


Larger and more complex documents require larger amounts of memory to be available to the viewer. If using the viewer in advanced mode, it is recommended that you have a minimum of 768 megabytes of memory available. If you are uncertain if you have enough memory on your system, or are having difficulty viewing documents, contact your system administrator.

This section details the steps necessary to view and annotate documents. It contains the following topics: