A.2 Home Page

The home page is displayed after logging in to Oracle I/PM. The navigator pane displays panels to which you have access, such as the Searches panel which contains predefined searches. If you have administrative rights, there may also be links to administrative panels such as Manage Searches. For more information about administrative tasks, see the Oracle Fusion Middleware Administrator's Guide for Oracle Imaging and Process Management.

Next to the navigator pane is the page region. It is used to display search forms, search results, and the user Preferences page. Above the page region is the banner area, with links to the Preferences page and other functionality, such as the ability to refresh the page or log out of Oracle I/PM. Both the navigator pane and banner area can be hidden or exposed by clicking the Collapse Panel icons at the edge of each area.

Surrounding text describes homepage.gif.

The following table describes the elements available on the page.

Element Description
Help Displays online help.
Refresh Refreshes the information in the page region. Note that if a Search Results Table is displayed in the page region, it is not updated when clicking Refresh, as this does not execute the search again. If you or another user updates document metadata, the new metadata is not displayed in the search results table until you run the search again by clicking Search in the search page.
Preferences Displays Preferences page where you can add or update Personal Information and Viewer Settings.
Logout Logs you out of Oracle I/PM.
About Displays Oracle I/PM version information.
Panel headings Click the panel name or icon when closed to expand the panel and view its contents. Click the panel name or icon when open to collapse the panel and hide its contents.