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Oracle® Fusion Applications Order Orchestration Implementation Guide
11g Release 1 (
Part Number E20386-01
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Oracle Fusion Applications Order Orchestration Implementation Guide


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1 Overview

2 Define Synchronization of Users and Roles from LDAP

3 Define Implementation Users

4 Define Enterprise Structures for Order Orchestration

5 Define Security for Supply Chain Management

6 Define Automated Governance, Risk, and Performance Controls

7 Define Help Configuration

8 Maintain Common Reference Objects

9 Define WebLogic Communication Services Configuration

10 Define Common Order Orchestration Configuration

11 Define Application Toolkit Configuration

12 Define Order Promising

13 Collect Order Promising Reference and Transaction Data

14 Manage Order Promising Rules

15 Define Sales Order Fulfillment

16 Define Transactional Business Intelligence Configuration

17 Define Extensions for Order Orchestration

18 Importing and Exporting Setup Data