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Packages that use ElementVisitor
javax.ide.extension Classes and interfaces used by extensions to extend an IDE with new functionality. 
oracle.ide Contains classes that allow addins access to the IDE integration objects. 
oracle.ide.composite Contains centralized interfaces for associating element instances with an arbitrary set of URLs. 
oracle.ide.config Contains classes encapsulating JDevelopers's environment settings. 
oracle.ide.editor Contains classes and interfaces that allow addins to add their own specialized editors to JDeveloper. 
oracle.ide.explorer Contains the interfaces and classes addins use to provide a structured view of data contained in nodes displayed in a navigator or an editor. 
oracle.ide.extension Contains interfaces and classes used by addins to provide context sensitive help on their own windows and dialogs. 
oracle.ide.migration Contains API classes for support the migration of Node types and user preferences in the system directory. 
oracle.ide.model Contains interfaces and classes implementing JDeveloper's data model. 
oracle.ide.print Contains classes that allow addins some level of control on the IDE print system. 
oracle.ide.quickdiff Contains classes for the code editor's Quick Diff margin and a registry for its supported comparable reference types. 
oracle.ide.resourcebundle Provides a designtime abstraction around locating and managing resource bundles used by visual and non-visual editors. 

Uses of ElementVisitor in javax.ide.extension

Subclasses of ElementVisitor in javax.ide.extension
 class BooleanVisitor
          Visitor for handling elements of type xs:boolean.
 class DeferredElementVisitorHook
          DeferredElementVisitorHook is a specialized hook handler class that helps clients with existing custom hook handlers convert to a lazier, pull based model.
 class DOMHook
          An extension hook that builds a DOM tree.
 class DynamicHook
          An implementation of ExtensionHook that automatically populates model objects using reflection.
 class ExtensionHook
          An extension hook is responsible for processing information from the extension manifest for a particular feature and making this information available to the service responsible for managing the functionality provided by the hook.
 class I18NCharVisitor
          An element visitor that processes xml elements of type i18n_char.
 class I18NStringVisitor
          An element visitor that processes xml elements of type i18n_string.
 class IconVisitor
          Use IconVisitor for processing an XML element in the manifest that provides an icon.
 class MetaClassVisitor
          An abstract implementation of a visitor for manifest elements which represent meta classes.
 class MultiDeferredElementVisitorHook
          MultiDeferredElementVisitorHook is similar to DeferredElementVisitorHook except that it supports attaching multiple ElementVisitors.
 class OnDemandElementVisitor
 class ParameterizedExtensionHook
          An experimental way for hook handlers to accept parameters from the hook-handler definiton

Methods in javax.ide.extension that return ElementVisitor
 ElementVisitor DeferredElementVisitorHook.getAttachedElementVisitor()
          Returns the attached ElementVisitor.
 ElementVisitor ElementVisitorFactory2.getVisitor(ElementContext context, ElementName name)
          Get a suitable visitor for the specified element name.
 ElementVisitor ElementVisitorFactory.getVisitor(ElementName name)
          Get a suitable visitor for the specified element name.

Methods in javax.ide.extension that return types with arguments of type ElementVisitor
 java.util.List<ElementVisitor> MultiDeferredElementVisitorHook.getAttachedVisitors()

Methods in javax.ide.extension with parameters of type ElementVisitor
 void DeferredElementVisitorHook.attachElementVisitor(ElementVisitor elementVisitor)
          When the XML data associated with the hook handler instance needs to be processed, call this method passing an ElementVisitor implementation.
 void MultiDeferredElementVisitorHook.attachElementVisitor(ElementVisitor elementVisitor)
          When the XML data associated with the hook handler instance needs to be processed, call this method passing an ElementVisitor implementation.
 void ElementContext.registerChildVisitor(ElementName name, ElementVisitor visitor)
          Registers a visitor that will visit specific direct children of the current element.

Uses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ide

Subclasses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ide
 class IdeHook
          Deprecated. since 11.0. Use ExtensionHook instead.

Uses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ide.appstate

Subclasses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ide.appstate
 class ApplicationStateHook

Uses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ide.composite

Subclasses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ide.composite
 class CompositeFileElementHook

Uses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ide.config

Subclasses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ide.config
 class PreferenceDefaultsHook
          Hook for preference defaults customization.
 class ProjectDefaultsHook
          Hook for project defaults customization.
 class SettingsUICustomizationsHook

Uses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ide.controller

Subclasses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ide.controller
 class ContextMenuListenersHook
          Declarative hook for context menu listeners.

Uses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ide.editor

Subclasses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ide.editor
 class FileSaveHook
          Hook that registers the listeners to be notified when a multiple files may need to be saved.

Uses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ide.explorer

Subclasses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ide.explorer
 class IconOverlayHook

Uses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ide.extension

Subclasses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ide.extension
 class HashStructureElementVisitor
          A generic ElementVisitor for unmarshalling extension manifest (extension.xml) elements into a HashStructure.
 class HashStructureHook
          Generic extension hook for unmarshalling extension manifest elements into a HashStructure.
 class URLPathHandler
          Abstract handler for URLPath values in the extension manifest.

Uses of ElementVisitor in

Subclasses of ElementVisitor in
 class HelpCallbacksHook

Uses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ide.migration

Subclasses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ide.migration
 class NodeMigratorHook

Uses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ide.model

Subclasses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ide.model
 class ContentSetProvidersHook
 class DependableFactoryHook
 class RecognizersHook

Uses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ide.paths

Subclasses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ide.paths
 class PathInfo
          Utility for looking up <path-info> elements defined in extension manifests.

Uses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ide.print

Subclasses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ide.print
 class PrintHook

Uses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ide.quickdiff

Subclasses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ide.quickdiff
 class QuickDiffReferenceHook

Uses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ide.resourcebundle

Subclasses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ide.resourcebundle
 class ResourceBundleShapingPreferencesHook
          The ResourceBundleShapingPreferencesHook is used to pull the resource bundle preferences from the custom role files.

Uses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ideimpl.webupdate

Subclasses of ElementVisitor in oracle.ideimpl.webupdate
 class UpdateHook
          Extension hook for update centers.

Uses of ElementVisitor in oracle.jdeveloper.audit.extension

Subclasses of ElementVisitor in oracle.jdeveloper.audit.extension
 class AuditHook

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11g Release 2 (


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