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Uses of Class

Packages that use Namespace
oracle.ide.db.controls Reusable UI controls to used to show or list database objects. 
oracle.ide.db.dialogs Dialogs for working with database objects in the IDE. 
oracle.ide.db.panels.sql UI classes for declaratively editing a SQL query. 
oracle.ide.db.transfer.generate Contains classes that control the targets available for generating database objects to in the IDE. 
oracle.ide.panels Provides a framework for building panel-based UI. 
oracle.ide.util Contains utility classes. 
oracle.ide.wizard Contains classes that can be used to integrate gallery items and wizards into the product. 
oracle.jdeveloper.runner Contains classes that allow addins some level of control on the JDeveloper runner system. 

Uses of Namespace in oracle.ide.db.controls

Methods in oracle.ide.db.controls with parameters of type Namespace
 void ConstraintEditor.initialisePanel(Namespace namespace)

Uses of Namespace in oracle.ide.db.dialogs

Methods in oracle.ide.db.dialogs that return Namespace
protected  Namespace BaseDBEditorFactory.createNamespace(DBEditorConfig config, java.util.Map<java.lang.String,java.lang.Class> verifiers)

Uses of Namespace in oracle.ide.db.panels.sql

Fields in oracle.ide.db.panels.sql declared as Namespace
protected  Namespace BaseSQLQueryBuilderPanel.m_namespace

Methods in oracle.ide.db.panels.sql with parameters of type Namespace
protected static SQLQuery BaseSQLQueryBuilderPanel.findQuery(Namespace namespace)
          Finds the SQLQuery in the given namespace.

Uses of Namespace in oracle.ide.db.transfer.generate

Methods in oracle.ide.db.transfer.generate that return Namespace
protected abstract  Namespace GenerateController.createNamespace(TransferDescriptor desc, Context context)

Uses of Namespace in oracle.ide.model.panels

Methods in oracle.ide.model.panels with parameters of type Namespace
static boolean ProjectSettingsTraversablePanel.editingUserProperties(Namespace data)
          Indicates whether or not the supplied Namespace corresponds to user properties opposed to shared properties.
protected static Project ProjectSettingsTraversablePanel.getProject(Namespace data)
          Returns the current Project in the Namespace.
protected static PropertyStorage ProjectSettingsTraversablePanel.getPropertyData(Namespace data)
          Gets a PropertyStorage object that wraps the properties HashStructure, which is stored in the Namespace with the key: ProjectSettingsTraversablePanel.PROPERTY_DATA_KEY.
static boolean ProjectSettingsTraversablePanel.isDefaultProject(Namespace data)
          Indicates whether or not the data in the supplied Namespace corresponds to the default project properties data.

Uses of Namespace in oracle.ide.panels

Subclasses of Namespace in oracle.ide.panels
 class TraversableContext
          The TraversableContext class provides the means for a Traversable to find the data objects that it is responsible for editing whenever it is entered or exited.

Methods in oracle.ide.panels that return Namespace
 Namespace NavigableContext.getScope()
 Namespace NavigableContext.popScope()
 Namespace NavigableContext.setScope(Namespace scope)

Methods in oracle.ide.panels with parameters of type Namespace
 java.lang.String NavigableContext.pushAnonymousScope(Namespace scope, Navigable nav)
 void NavigableContext.pushScope(java.lang.String name, Namespace scope)
 void NavigableContext.pushScope(java.lang.String name, Namespace scope, Navigable nav)
protected  void Navigable.setDataScope(Namespace dataScope)
          Sets the specified Namespace as the data scope for this Navigable.
 Namespace NavigableContext.setScope(Namespace scope)

Constructors in oracle.ide.panels with parameters of type Namespace
NodeTDialogLauncher(java.awt.Component parent, java.lang.String title, Traversable traversable, Namespace data, DialogRunnerCallback dialogCallback, Node[] sources)
          The traversable's onEntry(...) method is called as a side effect of constructing the NodeTDialogLauncher.
TDialogLauncher(java.awt.Component parent, java.lang.String title, Traversable traversable, Namespace data)
TDialogLauncher(java.awt.Component parent, java.lang.String title, Traversable traversable, Namespace data, DialogRunnerCallback dialogCallback)
          The traversable's onEntry(...) method is called as a side effect of constructing the TDialogLauncher.
TraversableContext(Namespace namespace, int direction)
          This constructor creates a new instance using the specified Namespace as the data context.

Uses of Namespace in oracle.ide.util

Methods in oracle.ide.util that return Namespace
 Namespace Namespace.getParent()
          Returns the Namespace that is the immediate parent of this Namespace.
 Namespace Namespace.getRoot()
          Returns the root Namespace of the hierarchy containing this Namespace.

Methods in oracle.ide.util with parameters of type Namespace
 void Namespace.put(java.lang.String[] keyPath, Namespace ns)
          Adds the specified Namespace to the specified namespace path.
 void Namespace.put(java.lang.String key, Namespace ns)
          Adds the specified Namespace as a child of this Namespace.
protected  void Namespace.setParent(Namespace parent)
          Special care must be taken when calling this method.

Constructors in oracle.ide.util with parameters of type Namespace
Namespace(java.util.Map data, Namespace parent)
          Creates a new Namespace whose data is the specified Map and whose parent is the specified Namespace.
Namespace(Namespace parent)
          Creates a new empty Namespace whose parent is the specified Namespace.
Namespace(Namespace original, boolean copyDataMap)
          This is a pseudo copy constructor for use by subclasses which need to take on the responsibilities of an existing Namespace.

Uses of Namespace in oracle.ide.wizard

Methods in oracle.ide.wizard that return Namespace
 Namespace GenericWizardLauncher.getNamespace()

Constructors in oracle.ide.wizard with parameters of type Namespace
FSMWizard(FSM fsm, Namespace data)
          Creates an instance of FSMWizard using the specified FSM to drive the sequence of panels and the specified Namespace as the backing storage for the TraversableContext that is passed to the panels in their onEntry(...) and onExit(...) methods.
FSMWizard(Step[] steps, Namespace data)
          Creates a straight-through FSMWizard using the specified sequence of Steps.

Uses of Namespace in oracle.jdeveloper.panels

Fields in oracle.jdeveloper.panels declared as Namespace
protected  Namespace SelectDatabaseObjectsPanel._namespace

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.panels with parameters of type Namespace
static java.lang.String SelectDatabaseObjectsPanel.getCurrConnName(Namespace namespace)
static void SelectDatabaseObjectsPanel.setCurrConnName(java.lang.String currConnName, Namespace namespace)

Uses of Namespace in oracle.jdeveloper.runner

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.runner with parameters of type Namespace
static RunConfiguration RunConfigurationEditorUtil.getRunConfiguration(Namespace namespace)
          Return the RunConfiguration for the namespace

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