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Packages that use HashStructureAdapter
oracle.ide.config Contains classes encapsulating JDevelopers's environment settings. 
oracle.ide.db.transfer Contains an API for transfering database object from one DBObjectProvider to another. 
oracle.ide.editor Contains classes and interfaces that allow addins to add their own specialized editors to JDeveloper. 
oracle.ide.externaltools Contains interfaces and classes that allow external tools in the IDE to be invoked, manipulated and extended by extensions. Contains interfaces and classes used by addins to provide context sensitive help on their own windows and dialogs. 
oracle.ide.keyboard Defining your default accelerators 
oracle.ide.model Contains interfaces and classes implementing JDeveloper's data model. 
oracle.ide.persistence Contains API classes for the persistence of search indexes. 
oracle.ide.resourcebundle Provides a designtime abstraction around locating and managing resource bundles used by visual and non-visual editors. 
oracle.ide.runner Contains classes that allow addins some level of control on the IDE runner system. 
oracle.ide.todo Contains API classes for the To Do Item feature. 
oracle.ide.util Contains utility classes. 
oracle.ide.webbrowser Contains classes that allow addins some level of control on the IDE web browser settings. 
oracle.ide.wizard Contains classes that can be used to integrate gallery items and wizards into the product. 
oracle.javatools.db Contains a metadata API for describing database objects, and retrieving them from a provider of database objects - for example a database. 
oracle.javatools.db.ddl API for generating DDL in the database API. 
oracle.javatools.db.plsql Classes for dealing with PL/SQL objects. 
oracle.javatools.editor.print The Print package is a subset of the Editor package, and contains a basic Pageable implementation for printing out the contents of a BasicDocument. 
oracle.jdeveloper.db Classes for accessing database connections in JDeveloper (and other FCP products). 
oracle.jdeveloper.db.panels UI panels that are useful when listing, selecting or displaying database connections in dialogs and wizards. 
oracle.jdeveloper.library The Libraries package provides the library API used by JDeveloper. 
oracle.jdeveloper.model Contains interfaces and classes implementing the Java specific portions of JDeveloper's data model. 
oracle.jdeveloper.offlinedb.model Classes that define an offline database's settings and properties. 
oracle.jdeveloper.offlinedb.userprops Extension to the Offline Database that allows the association of a library of user properties to be associated with an offline database. 
oracle.jdeveloper.runner Contains classes that allow addins some level of control on the JDeveloper runner system. 
oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.spi Contains extension-level service provider interfaces for version control system integraton. 

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.config

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.config
 class ChangeEventSource
          Implements the registry of ChangeListeners.
 class EnvironOptions
          This class stores the IDE environment options.
 class GlobalIgnoreList
          This class stores the IDE Global Ignore list.
 class Preferences
          Class that represents shapeable Preferences.
 class SettingsCustomizations
          Provides access to settings customizations registered by a product or role.
 class SettingsFieldCustomizations
          Customizations for a specific field.

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.db.transfer

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.db.transfer
 class TransferDescriptor
          Bean to encapsulte various transfer options to be used as the model for a transfer.

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.editor

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.editor
 class EditorsOptions
          This class was used to store the editors auto synchronize option.
 class RecentFile

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.extension

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.extension
 class LazyClassAdapter
          LazyClassAdapter is a hash structure adapter that can retrieve instances of a class declared in an extension manifest.
 class LazyResourceAdapter
          Lazy resource adapter class that helps in lazily processing resources from a hash structure.

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.externaltools

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.externaltools
 class ExternalProgramToolProperties
          Properties for an external tool that provides access to an external program executable.
 class ExternalToolBaseProperties
          Base properties for an external tool.

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in
 class HelpDefinitions
          HelpDefinitions represent the list of help definitions that have been registered via the extension manifests
 class HelpMacros

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.keyboard

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.keyboard
 class AcceleratorDefinitions
          AcceleratorDefinitions represent the list of accelerator definitions that have been registered via the extension manifests
 class KeyStrokeOptions
          This class stores the KeyStrokeMap for one global context and multiple local contexts.

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.model

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.model
 class ApplicationContent
 class ContentSet
          The ContentSet is the fundamental data structure that describes the contents of a Project.
 class DependencyConfiguration
 class NodeMigrationTracker
          A HashStructureAdapter class used to track the status of node migration for Project and Workspace nodes.
 class OwnerMap
 class ProjectContent
 class ProjectVersion
          This class provides a standardized means of storing and retrieving version history information in the project file.
 class ResourcePaths
          This class holds the Resources content set data.
 class TechnologyScopeConfiguration
 class WorkingSet
 class WorkingSets

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.persistence

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.persistence
 class ApplicationCacheSettings
          Class that represents settings related to the application-level persistent storage area.

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.resourcebundle

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.resourcebundle
 class RegisteredBundleAdapter
 class ResourceBundleOptions
          ResourceBundleOptions provides a persistable set of options used to drive how the resource bundle manager works.
 class ResourceBundlePreferences
          ResourceBundlePreferences represent the resource bundle preferences that have been registered via role files
 class ResourceBundleSelectionValidators
          ResourceBundleSelectionValidators represent the list of resource bundle selection validators that have been registered via the extension manifest of extensions.

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.runner

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.runner
 class RunnerOptions
          Runtime Service settings.

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.todo

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.todo
 class AbstractToDoItem
          A AbstractToDoItem represents a task the user wants to track.

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.usages

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.usages
 class UsageData
          The base object to use to store information about feature usage.

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.util

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.util
 class PatternFilters


Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.webbrowser

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.webbrowser
 class ProxyOptions
          Provides access to HTTP proxy options as set via Tools->Preferences->Web Browser and Proxy.

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.wizard

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ide.wizard
 class WizardWelcomeSettings
          Settings that define whether a wizard welcome page is displayed.

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ideimpl.webupdate

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.ideimpl.webupdate
 class CheckForUpdatesPreferences
          Preferences for check for updates.

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in

Methods in with parameters of type HashStructureAdapter
protected  void HashStructureAdapter.copyToImpl(HashStructureAdapter copy)
          This method implements the copy operation.
protected  boolean HashStructureAdapter.equalsImpl(HashStructureAdapter other)
          This method implements the equals operation.
 void HashStructureAdapter.forcedCopyTo(HashStructureAdapter copy)
          Copies the HashStructure of this adapter to the HashStructure of the specified copy.

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.javatools.db

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.javatools.db
 class GlobalSettings
          Class for api settings that govern the behaviour of the api at a global level.

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.javatools.db.ddl

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.javatools.db.ddl
 class DDLOptions
          The options to customise the generation of DDL when using a DDLGenerator.

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.javatools.db.plsql

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.javatools.db.plsql
 class PlSqlCompilerOptions

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.javatools.editor.print

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.javatools.editor.print
 class HTMLGeneratorOptions
          The HTMLGeneratorOptions defines various options for generation of HTML output, from a BasicDocument, that is currently supported by the DocumentToHTMLGenerator implementation.
 class PrintOptions
          The PrintOptions defines various printing options supported currenting by the EditorPageable implementation.

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.jdeveloper.db

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.jdeveloper.db
 class ConnectionInfo
          Wrapper for information about a chosen connection.

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.jdeveloper.db.panels

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.jdeveloper.db.panels
static class GlobalConnectionPanelUI.ChosenConnection
          Deprecated. - use ConnectionInfo

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.jdeveloper.library

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.jdeveloper.library
 class JDKAdapter
          Encapsulates the notion of a JDK.
 class JLibraryAdapter
          Encapsulates the notion of a Library as it is used within JDeveloper.
 class JProjectLibraryList
          The JProjectLibraryList class is used to contain Library instances that are defined within the context of a JProject.
 class LibraryAdapter
 class LibraryReference
          HashStructureAdapter encapsulation of a reference to an external Library, as opposed to a reference to a library defined within a JProject.

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.jdeveloper.model

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.jdeveloper.model
 class J2eeSettings
          Settings object for storing the settings associated with a J2EE project.
 class JProjectLibraries
          JProjectLibraries is the means by which JDK and JLibrary information may be stored and retrieved from a given PropertyStorage object.
 class PathsConfiguration

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.jdeveloper.offlinedb.model

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.jdeveloper.offlinedb.model
 class DataTypeSettings
          Settings class for storing the datatype settings for a given offline provider.
 class OfflineDBProjectSettings
          Object to encapsulate offline database settings in a project's configuration.
 class ProviderDefaultTemplateSettings
 class ProviderDependencySettings
          Settings object for storing any dependency information for a provider - i.e.
 class ProviderSettings
          Settings for a provider in the offline database.

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.jdeveloper.offlinedb.userprops

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.jdeveloper.offlinedb.userprops
 class Libraries
          Settings object for storing any user property libraries for a provider
 class UserPropertyDefn
          How to access the user property values for a given Offline Database Object.

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.jdeveloper.runner

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.jdeveloper.runner
 class RunConfiguration
          The RunConfiguration class specifies details about how a Java process should be started.
 class RunConfigurations
          Manages the set of RunConfiguration objects for the workspace

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.generic

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.generic that return HashStructureAdapter
 HashStructureAdapter PendingChangesAdapter.getPreferences()

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.spi

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.spi
 class VCSCommentTemplatesPrefs
 class VCSCopyableMap<K,V>
          Deprecated. not replaced. Settings must now be stored using HashStructure based IDE Preferences. This class now exists only for extension migration purposes.
 class VCSPreferences
 class VCSPropertyMap<K,V>
          Deprecated. not replaced. Settings must now be stored using HashStructure based IDE Preferences. This class now exists only for extension migration purposes.

Uses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.jdevimpl.audit.preferences

Subclasses of HashStructureAdapter in oracle.jdevimpl.audit.preferences
 class AuditPreferences
          Basic Audit preferences.

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11g Release 2 (


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