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Packages that use AbstractChildDBObject
oracle.javatools.db Contains a metadata API for describing database objects, and retrieving them from a provider of database objects - for example a database. 
oracle.javatools.db.datatypes Classes related to datatypes in the database API. 
oracle.javatools.db.ora Contains the database api implementation for Oracle databases, and additional DBObject implementations for objects specific to Oracle. 
oracle.javatools.db.sql Contains an API for declaratively parsing SQL queries (SELECT statements). 

Uses of AbstractChildDBObject in oracle.javatools.db

Subclasses of AbstractChildDBObject in oracle.javatools.db
 class AutoExtendProperties
          Model of properties for auto extend behavior used by Tablespaces
 class CheckConstraint
          A CheckConstraint constrains a table or view based on a conditional expression.
 class Column
          Model of a database column.
 class ColumnConstraint
          Abstract model of a Constraint that constrains Columns in the database.
 class Constraint
          A Constraint represents a constraint on a table or view.
 class FileSpecification
          Model of File Specification properties.
 class FKConstraint
          A FKConstraint represents a Foreign Key Constraint.
 class PKConstraint
          A PKConstraint represents a Primary Key constraint.
 class PlSqlAttribute
          Deprecated. use PlSqlAttribute instead
 class PlSqlMethod
          Deprecated. use PlSqlMethod instead
 class PlSqlParameter
          Deprecated. use PlSqlParameter instead
 class UniqueConstraint
          A UniqueConstraint prohibits multiple rows from having the same value in the same column or combination of columns but allows some values to be null.
 class ViewColumn
          Deprecated. just use a simple Column instead

Uses of AbstractChildDBObject in oracle.javatools.db.datatypes

Subclasses of AbstractChildDBObject in oracle.javatools.db.datatypes
 class DataTypeAttribute
 class DataTypeUsage
          To "use" a DataType is to refere to it by ID and store values for any attributes that DataType may have (e.g.
 class ObjectTypeUsage
          Deprecated. use DataTypeUsage instead
 class PredefinedDataTypeUsage

Uses of AbstractChildDBObject in oracle.javatools.db.ora

Subclasses of AbstractChildDBObject in oracle.javatools.db.ora
 class IndexPartition
          Model of an Oracle index partition.
 class LOBDescriptor
          LOBDescriptor encapsulates the partitioning properties of LOB and VARRAY columns.
 class OracleColumnProperties
 class OracleExternalTableProperties
          An external table is one whose metadata (definition) is stored in the database but whose data is stored outside the database.
static class OracleExternalTableProperties.LocationSpecifier
          The LOCATION clause lets you specify one or more external data sources.
 class OracleIndexOrganizedTableProperties
          Property object to hold the index organized specific properties for an IOT.
 class OracleIndexPartitions
          Model of the partitioning scheme on an Oracle index.
 class OracleSQLQuery
          Object that represents a complete SQL query.
 class OracleStorageProperties
 class OracleTablePartitions
          OracleTablePartitions encapsulate the properties of an Oracle table's partitions and subpartitions.
 class OracleTablespaceProperties
          Model of properties for an Oracle Tablespace
 class TablePartition
          TablePartition encapsulate the properties of an individual partition or subpartition.
 class XMLSchemaElement
 class XMLTypeColumnProperties

Uses of AbstractChildDBObject in oracle.javatools.db.sql

Subclasses of AbstractChildDBObject in oracle.javatools.db.sql
 class AbstractAliasFragment
          SQLFragment that consists of an expression and an alias.
 class AbstractDBObjectUsage
          Abstract implementation for a SQLFragment that uses another DBObject (e.g a Column) through a FromObject in the query.
 class AbstractFromObjectUsage
          Abstract SQLFragment implementation of FromObjectUsage.
 class AbstractSchemaObjectUsage
          Abstract class for usages that reference a SchemaObject (e.g.
 class AbstractSQLFragment
          Abstract superclass for SQLFragment implementations.
 class AbstractSQLQuery
          Abstract implementation of a SQLQuery.
 class ArithmeticOperation
          Concrete subclass of Operation for arithmetic operations - ADD, SUBTRACT, MULTIPLY and DIVIDE.
 class AsteriskUsage
          Deprecated. - use ColumnKeywordUsage
 class CaseStatement
          Class to represent a case statement in a sql query.
CASE [expression]
WHEN condition THEN thenExpression
WHEN condition THEN thenExpression ...
static class CaseStatement.WhenThen
 class ColumnKeywordUsage
          A FromObjectUsage that has a keyword for the Column name, rather than an actual column.
 class ColumnUsage
          SQL fragment that is a use of a Column.
 class Comparison
          Subclass of Operation for comparisons.
 class DataMiningFunction
          Subclass of Operation for data mining functions.
static class DataMiningFunction.DataMiningArguments
          Deprecated. no longer required, use get/setDmSpecificArgs directly.
static class DataMiningFunction.DataMiningCostValues
          An array of values
 class ExpressionList
          List of expressions.
 class FKUsage
          SQLFragment for the usage of a FKConstraint.
 class FromObject
          Object that represents a clause in the FROM statement of a SQL query.
 class Function
          Subclass of Operation for functions.
 class FunctionUsage
 class GroupByExpression
          Expression for a part of a group by that isn't a simple column (e.g.
 class GroupByObject
          SQLFragment for the GROUP BY ...
 class HierarchicalQueryObject
          SQLFragment for the Hierarchical Query clause in a SQLQuery.
 class IndexObject
          Object to wrap each column eaxpression of the Index statement
 class JoinObject
          Object that represent the JOIN clause of a SELECT statement (part of the FROM clause).
 class ModelObject
          SQLFragment for the MODEL clause in a SQLQuery.
static class ModelObject.CellAssignment
static class ModelObject.CellReferenceOptions
static class ModelObject.ModelColumnClauses
static class ModelObject.ModelRulesCellAssignmentExpr
static class ModelObject.ModelRulesClause
static class ModelObject.MultiColumnForLoop
static class ModelObject.ReferenceModel
static class ModelObject.SingleColumnForLoop
 class NonDeclarativeSQLQuery
          Dummy SQLQuery that just contains a String representing the SQLQuery.
 class OnJoinCondition
          Object to represent the ON condition of a JOIN clause.
 class Operation
          Abstract class for operations.
 class OrderByObject
          Object to wrap each part of the ORDER BY clause of a SQLQuery.
 class PlSqlUsage
          Fragment that represents a usage of a piece of PlSql.
 class RelationUsage
          SQL fragment that is a use of a Relation.
 class SelectObject
          Object that represents a clause in the SELECT statement of a SQL query.
 class SelectObjectUsage
          Class that represents the usage of a SelectObject.
 class SetOperation
          SQLFragment for dealing with operations to do with sets and ranges like IN and BETWEEN.
 class SetOperator
          SQLFragment for dealing with queries that are linked using one of the SET operators INTERSECT, UNION, MINUS and UNION ALL.
 class SimpleSQLFragment
          SQLFragment that we can't break down any more.
 class SynonymUsage
          SQLFragment for using a Synonym in a SQL query.
 class UsingJoinCondition
          Object to represent the condition part of a JOIN that has a USING clause.
 class WhereObject
          Object that represents a clause in the WHERE statement of a SQL query.
 class WindowFunction
          Subclass of Function for windowing functions (using the OVER syntax).
static class WindowFunction.WindowFunctionBound

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