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Packages that use AbstractDBObjectID
oracle.javatools.db Contains a metadata API for describing database objects, and retrieving them from a provider of database objects - for example a database. 
oracle.javatools.db.ora Contains the database api implementation for Oracle databases, and additional DBObject implementations for objects specific to Oracle. 
oracle.javatools.db.sql Contains an API for declaratively parsing SQL queries (SELECT statements). 
oracle.jdeveloper.offlinedb Database API extension for saving database object definitions in XML files. 

Uses of AbstractDBObjectID in oracle.javatools.db

Subclasses of AbstractDBObjectID in oracle.javatools.db
 class BaseObjectID
          Base DBObjectID implementation that stores the object name and (optionally) schema name of the object.
 class ConstraintID
 class IdentifierBasedID
          The representation of an Object ID for an object in a provider that can be uniquely identified by an identifier (other than name).
 class NameBasedID
          ID implementation that is name based.
 class ReferenceID
          ID implementation used for a reference property - i.e.

Methods in oracle.javatools.db with parameters of type AbstractDBObjectID
protected  void AbstractDBObjectID.copyToImpl(AbstractDBObjectID target)
protected  boolean AbstractDBObjectID.equalsImpl(AbstractDBObjectID target)
          Returns true if the type of the IDs is the same.

Uses of AbstractDBObjectID in oracle.javatools.db.ora

Subclasses of AbstractDBObjectID in oracle.javatools.db.ora
 class NameBasedRefID

Uses of AbstractDBObjectID in oracle.javatools.db.sql

Subclasses of AbstractDBObjectID in oracle.javatools.db.sql
 class SQLFragmentID
          Deprecated. SQLFragments now use IdentifierBaseID insteasd

Uses of AbstractDBObjectID in oracle.jdeveloper.offlinedb

Subclasses of AbstractDBObjectID in oracle.jdeveloper.offlinedb
 class OfflineDBObjectID
          Deprecated. use IdentifierBasedID if a subclass of DBObjectID is *really* needed.

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