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Oracle® Fusion Middleware User's Guide for Oracle Information Rights Management Desktop
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5.4 Forwarding Sealed Email

Using the integrated email applications, you have a choice of ways to forward sealed email.

This section covers the following topics:

5.4.1 Forwarding Sealed Email without Amendment


To forward a sealed email without amendment, you do not need any rights. See "About Rights".

Use the following procedure to circulate a sealed email to other recipients (this uses Microsoft Outlook as an example):

  1. Select or open the sealed email.

  2. Click Forward.

    Outlook creates an email so that you can specify the addresses that you want to forward it to. The sealed email is displayed as an attachment.

  3. Specify the recipients.

  4. Click Send.

The message is forwarded to the specified recipients with its sealed attachment unaltered. The recipients can open the sealed attachment subject to their rights, as usual.

5.4.2 Forwarding Sealed Email with Amendments


To forward a sealed email with amendments, you need a Reply right and the Reseal right. See "About Rights".

Use the following procedure to add some comments to a sealed email before forwarding it to other recipients (this uses Microsoft Outlook as an example):

  1. Open the message and open its sealed attachment.

    Outlook opens a window to display the sealed attachment. This window is read-only (just as regular email windows are read-only).

  2. Click Forward in the window of the sealed attachment.

    Outlook creates a new window to display an editable version of the sealed attachment (just as it opens a new, editable window when you click Forward on a regular message).

  3. Edit the sealed email as required.

    The original sealed email message is indented, just as Microsoft Outlook usually indents forwarded messages in email threads. You can add some text to the top of the message, or amend the text of the original message, as usual.

  4. When ready, click Save and Attach.

Microsoft Outlook attaches the amended message to an email that you can address and send as usual.

5.4.3 Sealing and Forwarding an Email that was Received Unsealed


To seal and forward an email that was received unsealed, you need the Seal right. See "About Rights".

This option is useful if someone sends you a message that you think should be sealed, or if you want to add some confidential remarks to a message before forwarding it.

Use this procedure to forward and seal an email that you received unsealed (this uses Microsoft Outlook as an example):

  1. With the unsealed message open or selected, click Forward.

  2. In the message editing window, click the Seal on Send button at any time before sending the message.

  3. When you have finished adding any additional text and inserted the addressees, send the message (select the File menu and select Send).

  4. From the Select Context dialog, select a context and click OK.

The original unsealed message is fowarded as a sealed attachment to the email.