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Berkeley DB Java Edition
version 7.5.11
Berkeley DB Java Edition Packages 
Package Description
Foundation for creating environments, databases and transactions; provides cursor based data access.
Support for the Java Connector Architecture, which provides a standard for connecting the J2EE platform to legacy enterprise information systems (EIS), such as ERP systems, database systems, and legacy applications not written in Java.
Implementations of JMX MBeans for JE.
Berkeley DB Java Edition High Availability (JE HA) enables replication of JE environments.
Provides a mechanism to allow write availability for the Replication group even when the number of replication nodes is less than majority.
BDB JE HA support for applications that need to track the composition of a replication group, in order to do tasks such as load balancing and request routing.
BDB JE High Availability command line utilities and helper classes.
Supporting utilities.
Berkeley DB Direct Persistence Layer (DPL) Packages 
Package Description
The Direct Persistence Layer (DPL) adds a persistent object model to the Berkeley DB transactional engine.
Utilities for managing class evolution of persistent objects.
Annotations for defining a persistent object model.
Raw data access for general purpose tools and manual conversions.
Berkeley DB Bind and Collections Packages 
Package Description
Bindings between database entries and Java objects.
Bindings that use Java serialization.
Bindings that use sequences of primitive fields, or tuples.
Data access based on the standard Java collections API.
General utilities used throughout Berkeley DB.
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Berkeley DB Java Edition
version 7.5.11

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