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Berkeley DB Java Edition
version 7.5.11


Berkeley DB Java Edition High Availability (JE HA) enables replication of JE environments.

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Package Description

Berkeley DB Java Edition High Availability (JE HA) enables replication of JE environments. JE HA is an embedded database management system designed to provide fast, reliable, and scalable data management. A JE environment is replicated across the nodes of a single read/write Master, multiple read only Replica Replication Group. JE HA is used to improve application availability, provide improved read performance, and increase data durability.

Getting Started

The Replication Guide is invaluable for understanding the capabilities of JE HA and how best to design your replicated application.

The Introduction covers terminology, the replication group lifecycle, and the concepts of durability and consistency. Much of the javadoc refers to the topics covered there.

Replication API First Steps explains how to configure and start a replication group.

Transaction Management highlights the tradeoffs that must be considered in a replicated application and provides some use cases.

In addition, the je.rep.quote example package provides three example replication applications.

What the package contains

Replication control
  • ReplicatedEnvironment is the main access point to replication.
  • ReplicationConfig and ReplicationMutableConfig specify attributes of the replication system.
  • ReplicationNode and ReplicationGroup supply administrative views of the replication system.
  • StateChangeListener and StateChangeEvent implement a Listener pattern for tracking changes in the replication system.
  • CommitPointConsistencyPolicy, TimeConsistencyPolicy and NoConsistencyPolicy let the user control the read only replica's view of the the replicated data.
  • ReplicatedEnviromentStats provide feedback on system execution.

Related Packages

  • lets the application track the replication system in order to do tasks such as load balancing and write request routing.
  • provides command line and programmatic APIs for administering and starting up a replication system.

Related Documentation

See Also:
Replication Guide, JE HA Examples
Berkeley DB Java Edition
version 7.5.11

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