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Java Accessibility Utilities compatibility table

Java VM Swing release Java Accessibility Utilities release
JDK 1.1.2 thru 1.1.8 JFC 1.1 with Swing 1.0 Java Accessibility Utilities 1.0
JFC 1.1 with Swing 1.0.1 Java Accessibility Utilities 1.0
JFC 1.1 with Swing 1.0.2 Java Accessibility Utilities 1.0
JFC 1.1 with Swing 1.0.3 Java Accessibility Utilities 1.0
JFC 1.1 with Swing 1.1 Java Accessibility Utilities 1.11,2
JFC 1.1 with Swing 1.1.1 Java Accessibility Utilities 1.12
Java Plugin 1.1, 1.1.1 bundled Swing not yet supported
Java Plugin 1.1.2 bundled Swing not fully supported3
JDK 1.2, 1.2.1, 1.2.2 bundled Swing Java Accessibility Utilities 1.2.21,2
JDK 1.3 bundled Swing Java Accessibility Utilities 1.35
internet browsers JFC 1.1 with Swing 1.0 thru 1.1 beta 3 not yet supported4

Compatibility notes:

  1. A new AccessibleState, TRANSIENT, was introduced in both Swing 1.1 and JDK 1.2.  The AccessibilityMonitor example included with version 1.1 of the Java Accessibility Utilities uses this state, and so won't compile or run property with previous versions of Swing.
  2. The package names of both the Java Accessibility API and the Swing user-interface classes changed in Swing version 1.1 beta 3 and in JDK version 1.2.  The Java Accessibility API went from '' to 'javax.accessibility', and Swing went from '' to 'javax.swing'.  These changes bring the package naming in line with the Java Standard Extension naming conventions, and will be the same as in the final release of JDK 1.2.
  3. The Win32 version of the Java Plugin 1.1.2 (for Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT) works with the Java Accessibility Utilities 1.0 for applets, but the Solaris version does not.  Furthermore, one can update the version of Swing included with the Java Plugin to Swing 1.1 beta 3 by replacing the swingall.jar file in the <plugin>/lib directory with the swingall.jar file included in Swing 1.1 beta 3, at which time one should use Java Accessibility Utilities 1.1 beta 3 (as the package name for the Java Accessibility API will have changed from '' to 'javax.accessibility').
  4. Accessibility support requires a feature of the Java Platform that is in the Sun reference implementations of the JDK versions 1.1.x, but is not part of the formal platform specification of versions 1.1.x.  It is part of the JDK 1.2 platform specification.  A forthcoming release of the Java Plugin will provide support for accessibility in existing browsers.
  5. JDK 1.3 introduces several additions to the Java Accessibility API (notably AccessibleIcon, AccessibleTable, AccessibleRelation, and AccessibleRelationSet).  The example programs that come with the Java Accessibility Utilities use these API additions, and so will not work with previous versions of Swing or the JDK.

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