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Overview of the Java Accessibility Features
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Overview of the Java Accessibility Features


Java Accessibility is currently broken into two separate packages:  the Java Accessibility API and the Java Accessibility Utilities.  This release represents the Java Accessibility Utilities and contains classes designed to help assistive technologies take advantage of the Java Accessibility API.  The Java Accessibility API is a cross platform, toolkit independent API designed to give assistive technologies direct access to the information in user interface objects, and is part of the JavaTM Foundation Classes.

There are four areas in which Sun is currently building Accessibility support into the Java platform.   The four sections below give a brief overview of the four areas of support for Java Accessibility that Sun is currently developing.

The Road Ahead

We are not finished with Java Accessibility, and are continuing to improve our current offerings as well as investigate new areas.  The road ahead will tell you more about our plans for the future.

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