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Package javax.speech.recognition

Interface Summary
DictationGrammar Provides access to the dictation capabilities of a Recognizer.
FinalDictationResult Provides information on a finalized result for an utterance that matches a DictationGrammar.
FinalResult FinalResult is an extension to the Result interface that provides information about a result that has been finalized - that is, recognition is complete.
FinalRuleResult Provides information on a finalized result for an utterance that matches a RuleGrammar.
Grammar Parent interface supported by all recognition grammars including DictationGrammar and RuleGrammar.
GrammarListener A GrammarListener receives notifications of status change events for a Grammar.
RecognizerAudioListener Extends the set of audio event of an engine for a recognizer by adding a audio level event.
Recognizer A Recognizer provides access to speech recognition capabilities.
RecognizerListener Defines an extension to the EngineListener interface for specific events associated with a Recognizer.
RecognizerProperties Enables control of the properties of a Recognizer.
Result A Result is issued by a Recognizer as it recognizes an incoming utterance that matches an active Grammar.
ResultListener The methods of a ResultListener receive notifications of events related to a Result object.
ResultToken A token (usually a word) contained by a Result representing something heard by a recognizer.
RuleGrammar RuleGrammar interface describes a Grammar that defines what users may say by a set rules.
SpeakerManager Provides control of SpeakerProfiles for a Recognizer.

Class Summary
GrammarAdapter The adapter which receives grammar events.
GrammarEvent A GrammarEvent is issued to each GrammarListener attached to a Grammar when major events associated with that Grammar occur.
GrammarSyntaxDetail Description of a problem found in a grammar usually bundled with a GrammarException.
RecognizerAdapter The adapter which receives events for a Recognizer.
RecognizerAudioAdapter Adaptor for a audio events of a recognizer.
RecognizerAudioEvent Event issued to indicate detection of speech in the incoming audio stream or to periodically indicate the audio input level.
RecognizerEvent Event issued by Recognizer through RecognizerListener.
RecognizerModeDesc RecognizerModeDesc extends the EngineModeDesc with properties that are specific to speech recognizers.
ResultAdapter The adapter which receives events for a Result object.
ResultEvent A ResultEvent is issued by a Result object to indicate changes in the recognized tokens and changes in state.
RuleAlternatives RuleAlternatives represents a Rule composed of a set of alternative sub-rules.
RuleCount Attaches a count to a contained Rule object to indicate the number of times it may occur.
Rule A Rule object is the basic component of a RuleGrammar and represents anything that may appear on the right-hand side of a rule definition in Java Speech Grammar Format.
RuleName A RuleName is a reference to a named rule.
RuleParse Represents the output of a parse of a Result or a string against a RuleGrammar.
RuleSequence RuleSequence is a Rule composed of a sequence of sub-rules that must each be spoken in order.
RuleTag RuleTag attaches a tag to a contained Rule object.
RuleToken RuleToken represents speakable text in a RuleGrammar.
SpeakerProfile A SpeakerProfile object is used to identify each enrollment by a user to a Recognizer.

Exception Summary
GrammarException Thrown if a problem is found with a Java Speech Grammar Format (JSGF) file or with a RuleGrammar object derived from JSGF.

Grammar problems are typically identified and fixed during application development.


Error Summary
ResultStateError Signals an error caused by an illegal call to a method of FinalResult, FinalRuleResult or FinalDictationResult.

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