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Package javax.speech

Interface Summary
AudioListener The listener interface for receiving events associated with the audio input or output of an Engine.
AudioManager The AudioManager is provided by a speech Engine - a Recognizer or Synthesizer - to allow an application to control audio input/output and to monitor audio-related events.
EngineCentral Provides a list of EngineModeDesc objects that define the available operating modes of a speech engine.
EngineCreate The EngineCreate interface is implemented by EngineModeDesc objects obtained through calls to the EngineCentral objects of each speech engine registered with the Central class.
Engine The Engine interface is the parent interface for all speech engines including Recognizer and Synthesizer.
EngineListener Interface defining methods to be called when state-change events for a speech engine occur.
EngineProperties An EngineProperties object defines the set of run-time properties of an Engine.
VocabManager Interface for management of words used by a speech Engine.

Class Summary
AudioAdapter A trivial implementation of the AudioListener interface that receives an engine's audio events.
AudioEvent Describes events associated with audio input/output for an Engine.
Central The Central class is the initial access point to all speech input and output capabilities.
EngineAdapter Trivial implementation of the EngineListener interface that receives a EngineEvents.
EngineErrorEvent EngineErrorEvent is an asynchronous notification of an internal error in the engine which prevents normal behavior of that engine.
EngineEvent EngineEvent notifies changes in state of a speech synthesis or recognition engine.
EngineList EngineList is a container for a set of EngineModeDesc objects.
EngineModeDesc EngineModeDesc provides information about a specific operating mode of a speech engine.
SpeechEvent The root event class for all speech events.
SpeechPermission This class represents speech permissions.
Word The Word class provides a standard representation of speakable words for speech engines.

Exception Summary
AudioException Problem encountered connecting audio to/from a speech engine.
EngineException Signals that an error occurred while trying to create or access a speech synthesis engine, speech recognition engine or EngineCentral object.
SpeechException Signals that a Java Speech API exception has occurred.
VendorDataException Signals that a problem has been encountered loading or saving some type of vendor-specific data.

Error Summary
EngineStateError Signals an error caused by an illegal call to a method of a speech engine.
SpeechError Signals that an error has occurred in the javax.speech package.

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