Representing XML Content

This section describes how JAXB represents XML content as Java objects. Specifically, the topics in this section are as follows:

Binding XML Names to Java Identifiers

XML schema languages use XML names--strings that match the Name production defined in XML 1.0 (Second Edition) ( to label schema components. This set of strings is much larger than the set of valid Java class, method, and constant identifiers. To resolve this discrepancy, JAXB uses several name-mapping algorithms.

The JAXB name-mapping algorithm maps XML names to Java identifiers in a way that adheres to standard Java API design guidelines, generates identifiers that retain obvious connections to the corresponding schema, and is unlikely to result in many collisions.

Refer to Chapter 2 for information about changing default XML name mappings. See Appendix C in the JAXB Specification for complete details about the JAXB naming algorithm.

Java Representation of XML Schema

JAXB supports the grouping of generated classes and interfaces in Java packages. A package comprises: